SportsRoids Salutes Pink Hat Nation

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by Mark M

Tom Brady as well as SportsRoids Salutes Pink Hat Nation

Tom Brady as well as SportsRoids Salutes Pink Hat Nation

We’ve been doing alot of work here at SportsRoids over the past month. It has been pretty demanding keeping up on and creating new content for our readers, but I would say that is the bulk of what we do. We get you new ideas new stories, and we never “copy and paste” like many other websites do. It is all to often that you’ll see a blog whose owner no doubt is only trying to make money on clickthroughs or Internet advertising campaigns and has devoted no time to producing original content for thier page. This is a sad concept but many people use it. SportsRoids will never just regurgitate some other sites content, because we believe that takes away from what we are, which is ourselves. We want you the reader to get chance to really know us. I am very happy to report that we at SportsRoids have found another blog which share this “original content only policy”. That blog is call Pink Hat Nation. These guys know how a great sports blog is supposed to be run.  I suggest that everyone clicks through here and takes a look. Pink Hat Nation’s articles and posts are top notch so check it out. Once again that is Pink Hat Nation.


The Boston Red Suxs (Red Sox)

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The Boinger

Go Sox!!

Go Sox!!

The only disgrace in Boston is Boston is itself! The organization, both ownership and front office personnel,  the media and team. Especially Curt Schilling the most outspoken advocate in the world for egregious acts of wrong doing against athletes who mysteriously remained quiet during his entire tenure as a teammate yet somehow found a way to delicately trash Manny on “The Big Show with Glenn Ordway”. Are we to believe that they suffered for the last 8 years with Manny Ramirez? The guy was a disgrace to the uniform before they brought him in. He loafed and complained and could not play LF when he was in Cleveland, what made you think it would be any different in Boston? Now that he is hitting .400 yes FOUR HUNDRED in L.A. and single handedly carrying that team to the playoffs they want to throw him under the bus and claim somehow they are the victim here. You did it to yourselves!
Now certainly we all know that this guy made the Red Sox. When they all embraced him and his idiocy in 2004 they made that their identity calling themselves the “idiots”. That was their mantra; HELLO? Earth to Boston. You did not create the monster, you let it out of the cage. Here we are four seasons and two World Championships later and somehow all of the sudden he’s not worth it anymore. Why?
Shawn Chacon shoved Astros GM Ed Wade to the ground and was immediately suspended from the team. Let me repeat that: IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED FROM THE TEAM! A
day after his suspension the Astros put Chacon on waivers so they could release him and terminate his contract. Now who knows what really happened or why it happened. It does not matter. You shove a team official to the ground and your are out of here. Imagine going to work one day and just shoving the guy who hired you to the ground would you expect to be back the next day?
A week later in Houston Manny Ramirez shoved traveling secretary Jack McCormick to the ground over an “unfortunate misunderstanding” regarding tickets. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the same Manny Ramirez who took a swing at Kevin Youkilis in the dugout in Boston just a few weeks prior. Why was he not immediately suspended from the team and sent on his way? WHY? Why was Boston even allowed trade this guy and get something back in return for him? If this were the NFL do you think Roger Goodell would have stepped in regarding “personal conduct”? Where was Curt Schilling during all this? Oh right he was still talking about leaving Boston and going to pitch for the Yankees because he was upset with the organization too. I guess they must have kissed and made up.

Manny was always just Manny

Manny was always just Manny

The New York Met’s “Tres Grande”

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Tres Grande

by The Boinger

David Wright and Jose Reyes of the New York Mets

David Wright and Jose Reyes of the New York Mets.

Lately, I have heard a lot of talk about breaking up the “Big 3” or as one local sports icon calls them the “troika”. Jose Reyes, David Wright and Carlos Beltran are hardly “big” these days. However, I am not going to get on them for the Mets woes this year. The Mets lost their sub par 13 million dollar closer and have been piecing together a run at the division with nothing short of smoke and mirrors since. This team was much better than they played before Willie Randolph was fired and proved that they had quit on him since then.
“Breaking up the big 3” I must say it is an interesting proposition. Yet, this is not Milwaukee. The likelihood of that happening is close to nil if not less. There is no foreseeable fire sale ala Florida Marlins. Oh and there is no way Omar Menaya is going to ever give in to letting anyone think anything he did was not “genius”. Let’s think about this though. All the talk about “breaking them up” suggests that only one of them must go. That somehow some way all that is wrong with the NY Mets falls squarely on the shoulders of one of if not all three of these young men. Almost to suggest that they are somehow in it together, conspiring to fail. That just is not the case.

David Wright of the New York Mets

David Wright of the New York Mets

David Wright goes out every night, parks his lunch pail at third base and gives you everything he has got. Then, win or lose, goes back in the clubhouse and takes it on the chin in front of the cameras and the dingo dog NY media. In the midst of all this “pressure” he quietly and without ceremony puts up MVP like numbers and delivers his share of game winning hits. Trade Wright? No way! This guy is the face of the franchise. This is the guy that Yankees fans wish they had at 3rd base most nights. Heck the Jets wish he could play QB. Bottom line this guy could get you back big dividends but its hard to replace the guy that leads the team in rbi’s every year in hopes of fixing what’s wrong with everyone and everything else. He is not going to be your three hitter or clean up hitter. Leave that to Omar’s next high priced prima donna. Any team would welcome a guy they could roll out there every single day in the 5th spot and not have to think twice about it.
Carlos Beltran goes out every night and gets as close to Citi field as he can. Either he is really excited to play there next year or he is intent on scaling the wall and escaping into the hat with the big apple. Perhaps he will pull another rabbit out of is ass and start hitting again like he did when he “earned” himself his current contract. Now he just may be able to do that if the Mets can get over the hump and into the playoffs. Are you willing to wait for that? Can you find someone to eat his contract? Maybe you can work out a deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for Gary Matthews Jr. When the Mets are down to their last strike and need a base hit who do you want up in that spot? Carlos: “SWING THE BAT MARY”

Jose Reyes of the New York Mets

Jose Reyes of the New York Mets

Jose Reyes. Jose Reyes. Jose Reyes. Jose Reyes goes out there every day and I just don’t know what he’s doing. People say “he’s exciting”. Why because he’s fast? Those are the same people that love to hate the Yankees and kill Derek Jeter any chance they get. The same ones who used to say “the Yankees are boring”. Well if losing is exciting I would rather be bored to death! If throwing a tantrum on the field, acting like a baby and laughing at your teammate when he makes an error in your stead are “exciting” then I surely would rather have died from boredom then to have had witnessed that from a Major Leaguer. I know what you are thinking. That I want the Mets to trade Jose Reyes. Not the case. Could they? Yes. Could they get anything back for him? Yes. In fact they could get a lot. Though I do not think this is the right move. Trading Reyes must yield a star in return. A guy that can lead off, set the table, steal bases, score runs etc. Nate Mclouth?

Whining on Wannstedt. A SportsRoids exclusive

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Whining on Wannstedt

By Madison Mad’nuff

Pittsburgh Panthers Coach Dave Wannstedt

Pittsburgh Panthers Coach Dave Wannstedt.

As the Pitt Panthers continue their season one has to wonder if Wannstedt was the right choice for  the University.  To me Waanstedt is just another big name hire that most people knew would not work.  When you are a Pittsburgh guy like Wannstedt is, and are beloved by the city it makes it easy for Pitt to hire the guy, but why?  This is eerily reminiscent of the Nebraska Cornhuskers the only difference is Wannstedt has not been fired yet.  But if he does not produce this year I would expect him to be. When you remove a guy like Walt Harris who (I will admit) couldn’t go all the way or recruit the best but still had the ability to build a program; and replace him with a big name you better have that guy deliver and Wannstedt has not. So when do you pull the plug? I say now before Pitt loses 6 more games. Walt Harris was able to come up with some big time names at least, Larry Fitzgerlad, Antonio Bryant, Latiff Grim,  Keavan Barlow, and Wannstedt has not .  To Me Waanstedt was on his way out last year but then Pitt pulled of the miracle and bet WVU. Which earned Wannstedt another shoot to win 5 or 6 games and get fired.  Walt Harris at least had a winning record, Pitt needs to end this and pick up or hire a proven coach from a smaller school, “Frank Solich anyone”? “I’m just sayin”

Kurt Warner Fantasy Stock Rising

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Kurt Warner Fantasy Stock Rising

by Alex V

Cardinals QB Kurt Warner

Cardinals QB Kurt Warner

Fantasy Sports aren’t always about getting the big name, or a name that at least was at one point big… like Kurt Warner. Just because the guy is 37 years old should not be the final factor on whether or not you should pick him up. One should always think “production” when making a decision on who to add to their Fantasy team. At this point in the season, Kurt Warner has been a stud, and would be a great pick up for those of you who are suffering from any of the following Fantasy Football diseases; “Brady’s Gone Syndrome,” “Carson Palmer’s Letting Me Down,” and “Jamarcus Russell is Making Me Look Stupid.” In fact, with the numbers he has put up so far, he has shown to be as good, if not better, stats wise that is, than some of the marquee quarterbacks in the game.

So far this season Kurt Warner has amassed 558 passing yards (279 per game), a 70.4 percent completion percentage, when most good QBs are lingering around the lower to mid 60’s, and he has four touchdown passes accumulating to two per game (all it takes is 1.875 TDs per game for a player to reach 30 in a regular season) for an amazing 128.5 QB rating. If Warner can keep this up, he will project to finish with 4,464 passing yards with 32 touchdown passes. Last year, only four quarterbacks reached the 30+ TD pass mark; Tom Brady (50), Tony Romo (36), Ben Roethlisberger (32), and Peyton Manning (31). Now, taking in account that perhaps the projections will skew a bit, he still looks to be anywhere between 3,600 and the projected 4,464 passing yards, and at least a mid-20 mark in the touchdown pass category, and he still hasn’t thrown a pick yet.

Warner's fantasy stock is on the rise for 2008.

Warner's fantasy stock is on the rise for 2008

When you take into account all of these factors and the way Warner performed last season, the upside should be easy to see. Last year he started in eleven games and played in three more. In those games Warner passed for 27 TDs while totaling 3,417 passing yards and managing a 62.3 completion percentage, against a not-so-great 17 total interceptions.  But already for a quarterback at his age, who was also playing with an injured shoulder, those are remarkable numbers!. And only one year later, you too can own Kurt Warner as a full-time starter and a healthy one at that!

That is what you should be thinking about if your mind is fettering on whether or not to drop a buck on Warner. I have a strong feeling out there that some Fantasy players go on whether or not a player has a high level of prestige and if the analysts project a player’s team to be successful and make the playoffs and or Super Bowl. Well guess what? Prestige doesn’t get you big stats all of the time, and neither does an electrifying player like those of you that have thrown a season down the drain as soon as you drafted Michael Vick (when he was actually playing). I bet some people are saying “Well Kurt Warner is obviously going to do something when he has Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.” Well no shit! Another GREAT reason to pick him up! So remember folks. If you desperately need a quarterback at this point in the season, go ahead and overlook the Cardinals chances for success this season, but don’t overlook Kurt Warner’s chances to win you some games.

Warner’s remaining opponents and where they ranked last season in passing defense:

Week 3  @  Washington

Week 4  @  New York Jets

Week 5  vs  Buffalo

Week 6  vs  Dallas

Week 7   –   Bye

Week 8  @  Carolina

Week 9  @  St. Louis

Week 10 vs. San Francisco

Note: YPG have been rounded to the nearest tenth.

Fantasy Sports, Why Do We Care?

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By The Boinger

I sit here scouring the free agent list for a back up QB , TE and “FLEX OPTION”. Diligently examining the statistical analysis of J.T. O’Sullivan, Tony Scheffler and Chansi Stuckey, when suddenly it hits me – my daughter’s left fist! HA! She caught me pretty good too right across the side of my head painfully knocking my glasses into the bridge of my nose. After I sent her upstairs sobbing from a fairly ogre like verbal lashing I realized this article had been spawned. Why DO we care so much about sports?
Perhaps, like me, the rest of you are former athletes of some sort. You played sports at any cost from the minute you were old enough to swing a stick and hit a rock right up to either a realization of it having passed you by or a minor/major disappointment of some sort. At which point your passion for video games took over and you became a “gamer” or madden junky like me. Which later evolved into fantasy sports. Chances are somewhere in between there you were and maybe still are a beer league softball player or even a flag football coach or an assistant on the local varsity squad. At any rate even if it is just watching your favorite team on television every night for some reason we all care a great deal about sports.
Even as I sit here writing this I must have some form of sports entertainment channel siphoning in on the television. But why? It really makes no major difference in our lives does it? Sure it feels good to root for a winner. It is nice to see your team win. Even better to see them win a championship. But do they care as much about you? They would not play for free I guarantee you that. None of us would work for free, would we? Although the satisfaction you get from the feeling of accomplishment after actually playing and practicing and earning a win is second to none.
Now if you are out there playing and having fun regardless of the outcome and enjoying getting some physical release then good for you. You are way ahead of the rest. Yet there are still those of us who throw a bat in disgust when making an out in softball. I mean the ball is the size of a grapefruit and is practically put on tee for us it comes in so slow. We are the same ones who throw the “joy stick” down and hit the reset button when our life expires or digitally enhanced QB throws an interception. We were the same ones who broke a broom stick in half wrapping it around a pole after striking out in a stick ball game in the 5th grade. Hopefully we have all outgrown that stage or at least recognize that at some point that behavior is just plain silly even unnecessary.
Well, however it was you came upon this I just hope you can keep it all in front of you. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Play to win but keep what is important in the foreground. Okay I have to go now and apologize to my daughter and teach her how to sneak an elbow in underneath the basket when boxing out.

p.s. I picked up Tony Scheffler and dropped Todd Heap.

It might be time to say goodbye to Todd Heap as a Starting Fantasy TE.

It might be time to say goodbye to Todd Heap as a Starting Fantasy TE.

Best Sports Related Fights

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by Mark M

This is a short list of memorable fights involving sports figures or teams.

1. Strahan Fights Tom Arnold On The Best Damn Sports Show.

I think Strahan gets hurt. He makes some funny sounds.

Check it out

2. Jim Everett Fight Jim Rome.

Many poeple say that Jim Rome had it coming. Well we all know Rome is a jerk anyways.

3. Mascot Fights

We all love these ones


Bucky Badger gets light up

4. And of course Finally Fan Fights

You can always trust that Red Sox Fans and Yankee Fans are getting into it

Many Raiders fans should be in a jail and this just proves it….UNREAL…STUPID…JERK