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Whining on Wannstedt. A SportsRoids exclusive

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Whining on Wannstedt

By Madison Mad’nuff

Pittsburgh Panthers Coach Dave Wannstedt

Pittsburgh Panthers Coach Dave Wannstedt.

As the Pitt Panthers continue their season one has to wonder if Wannstedt was the right choice for  the University.  To me Waanstedt is just another big name hire that most people knew would not work.  When you are a Pittsburgh guy like Wannstedt is, and are beloved by the city it makes it easy for Pitt to hire the guy, but why?  This is eerily reminiscent of the Nebraska Cornhuskers the only difference is Wannstedt has not been fired yet.  But if he does not produce this year I would expect him to be. When you remove a guy like Walt Harris who (I will admit) couldn’t go all the way or recruit the best but still had the ability to build a program; and replace him with a big name you better have that guy deliver and Wannstedt has not. So when do you pull the plug? I say now before Pitt loses 6 more games. Walt Harris was able to come up with some big time names at least, Larry Fitzgerlad, Antonio Bryant, Latiff Grim,  Keavan Barlow, and Wannstedt has not .  To Me Waanstedt was on his way out last year but then Pitt pulled of the miracle and bet WVU. Which earned Wannstedt another shoot to win 5 or 6 games and get fired.  Walt Harris at least had a winning record, Pitt needs to end this and pick up or hire a proven coach from a smaller school, “Frank Solich anyone”? “I’m just sayin”

Best Sports Related Fights

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by Mark M

This is a short list of memorable fights involving sports figures or teams.

1. Strahan Fights Tom Arnold On The Best Damn Sports Show.

I think Strahan gets hurt. He makes some funny sounds.

Check it out

2. Jim Everett Fight Jim Rome.

Many poeple say that Jim Rome had it coming. Well we all know Rome is a jerk anyways.

3. Mascot Fights

We all love these ones


Bucky Badger gets light up

4. And of course Finally Fan Fights

You can always trust that Red Sox Fans and Yankee Fans are getting into it

Many Raiders fans should be in a jail and this just proves it….UNREAL…STUPID…JERK

Peyton The General

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Peyton The General by Madison Mad’nuff

Peyton Manning is a true field general.

Peyton Manning is a true field general.

While it is still too early to tell which teams will remain consistent in the league it must fell good for the Colts to be able to rely on Mr. Consistent Peyton Manning.  Is it me? or does this guy will his way to
wins. In the face of a 15-0 deficit and a none existent running game; he pulls off the comeback helping the team score 18 straight to win the game. Subscribing to my “you have to score at least 15 points to beat the Colts rule”  I thought that they would lose this game against the Vikings.  But again Peyton finds a way to out score you;  if you score 14 he gets 15, if you get 15 he gets 18, if you get 35 he gets 36.  I mean you can’t beat this guy he is unstoppable.  A field general to say the least when the game is on the line he always finds a way to pick apart the Defense, it really doesn’t make any sense!  Because at the beginning of the game he sucked, and then BAM he goes out and wins the game.  It’s like he knows what the defense is going to do before they do, and then before the snap he makes adjustments “TO THE FUTURE!!!”  amazing.


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Fantasy Football Team Cancers

By Mark M

Marques Colston Top flight WR? I think not...

Marques Colston Top flight WR? I think not...

I am writing this post just to make fun of all the people who drafted Marques Colston in the 1st or the 2nd round in their respective Fantasy drafts. I never understood the high Marques Colston pick ever, I know he is tall strong and talented but has he ever really been a consistent #1 WR for anyone?

Colston just doesn't show up enough each week to be picked high

Colston just doesn't get it done as a fantasy #1 WR

I swear he can have 200 yard games, but sometimes he just doesn’t even show up. Let me give you the examples to prove my point. Over Colston’s career he has never beaten a team with an above average secondary. Just for example whenever he has played the eagles, he has done nothing special. In 2007, he only had 3 catches for 16 yards with his long being a 11 yard run. ok still not satisfied? In 2006, he had 4 catches for 40 yards with a TD, not a bad day but certainly not a top draft pick WR. So the eagles may be his kryponite right? nope, I would say his big weakness is playing against any team in the NFC east. Colston’s best performance was the one that I just stated (40 yards and 1 TD) against any NFC East team. You can’t be a top flight reciever if a entire Division of the NFL has your number in my book.

Another statistic, which proves he is not consistent game to game, is that in 2007 he had 6 games with less than 50 yards. Ok, I fully admit that doesn’t sound that bad. But, to it does when you realize the man was 8th in the league in reception yards. He had over 4 games with 100+ yards. Fantasy wise, in most leagues weekly wins and losses are all that matter. Yes, Colson is a lock in Fantasy leagues, if they don’t have a playoff system, or if the winner is determined by tallying up overall points. Most leagues just are not like that, and for that reason Colston is bad start due to his unreliable Stats. You don’t know when he is going to go off, and more times than not he will play sub par compared to the number of 100+ days superb starts he produces. He has this pattern with his TDs as well. Colston, Fantasywise, really statistically follows the motto, “Go big or go home”, which is idea your #1 can’t have over the course of a full season if your to do well in your Fantasy league. Roddy white another receiver who has very similar stats compared to Colston. Roddy White also has the same consistency problems as Colston but Roddy is always a much later pick, WHY IS THAT? Is it because Colston has big highlights of his catches on SportCenter? I just don’t get it.

But either way, how I feel does not matter because he is hurt. So regardless of your concept of his past production, if you picked Colston this year you got screwed. He is out for a minimum of six weeks, so go get Eddie Royal or Desean Jackson, cause you need somebody. Those are the two best free agents for week two that are out there in most Leagues. In the draft you might have had a shot at Andre Johnson, Plaxico Burress, Chad Johnson and all the other players whom I suspect might have been wrongly picked after Colston but now your stuck with some free agent rookie, and I have no pity for you. You are almost as bad as the idiot, who took a chance on a Broncos RB in the 2nd round, a few years ago in one of my leagues. You know who the RB was, right?

Maurice Clarett (dumbest 3rd pick I ever saw)

Maurice Clarett (dumbest 2rd round pick I ever saw)

Big Ten = Big Problems

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Big Ten Problems

by Madison Mad’nuff

Penn State

Penn State

Well Ever since Jimmy T. became the Head coach of Ohio State all he has done is win.  But it seems like he has done it, at the cost of the rest of the Big Ten. Wrestling recruits away from the other teams, locking up great coaches, beating the mess out of what is supposed to be his equal…Michigan.  Jimmy T. is poised to go to a third straight BCS Championship game, but it seems no one else in the Big Ten will even have a shot.  What happened? The Big Ten used to be The Conference that produced the winners. But not any more. Let’s face it, they are dismal at best. It is likely Jimmy T., since taking all the recruits and top coaches every year preventing the other teams from getting better, has prevented the other teams in the teams in the big 10 from getting better while his team has arguably been ranked year in and year out #1 at the beginning of the season. Oh how the mighty have fallen and after week one of College football it seems it will be at least another year before the Big Ten is back to its Old Glory.

And speaking of Glory, check this out!

Nice Naked Backs ladies. I love girls that know what they like!

Nice naked backs ladies. I love girls that know what they like!

Who are the Top NFL QBs?

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By Madison Mad’nuff

So there is always the debate about who is the top quarterback in leagues, is it Brady is it Peyton?  But the truth of the matter is that after the top three there is huge separation in the field of Quarterbacks.  To me there are only three Quarterbacks that are at the highest level right now, and sorry guys Romo and Favre are not part of them.  Four years ago I would have given you a top five of pretty debatable equal players but some of those guys couldn’t hold up over the time.  So without further ado here is my top 5 quarter backs in the league now.

1.      Peyton Manning

2.      Tom Brady

3.     Carson Palmer
These three guys ability and skill are on a completely different level than any other quarterback in the league.  Brett has his magic and no one plays the way he does but let’s be honest he still has the cannon but
other than last year his last four years have not been that great. Both in ability and Statistics.

4.      Donovan McNabb

Donovan Mcnabb

Donovan Mcnabb

Just look at the numbers look at the history and most of all look at the ability when he is healthy he is playing at level much like that of the top 3.

Number five is tricky you can place a lot guys here again just showing how much the level of quarter backs drops once you get past the top three. So is it…Favre?…Romo?…Eli?…Big Ben? or is it maybe even Drew Breeze?  Drum roll…

Not quite yet. At first I was going to call it a tie but you can’t have a tie in top list that is just plain stupid so I had to bump Romo out.  Yes he doesn’t make it. Why? he has only started three years and has never
won a playoff game.  Also if you look back in his past 2 years starting he has never cracked top 3 as far as ratings are concerned. Which means this year he probably will not either.

So number five on the list goes to Big Ben,

Ben Rothlisberger #5 our our QB list

Ben Rothlisberger #5 our our QB list

5.     Ben Roethlisberger

If you look at his career he has one of the highest winning percentages ever, for the start of his career, He is also constantly in the top five for ratings which encompasses a quarterbacks overall play and most importantly after having a down year in 2006, last year (2007) he threw for 33 TDS silencing critics say what you want about  one the most winning quarterbacks ever, one super bowl ring 33 TDS recently, and one of the highest QB ratings for a career ever he is currently playing at the level of a top 5 quarter back in the league.   Don’t Agree?
comment Then and give me your list. I’m out…