The New Bronx Bombers

The New Bronx Bombers

by The Boinger

New York Jets

New York Jets

Imagine heading into the Bronx to watch the game. You get down to 161 and River, walk along the L and down through the gates. You peek out through the tunnel and see the field and the palyers and as you emerge from the belly of the cement cathedral your ear ear drum rumbles when you hear the crowd chant J – E – T – S JETS JETS JETS!!! Come on think about it. The New Bronx Bombers! A whole new stadium for gang green. No more crossing over the bridge (or two) no more sitting in traffic (on the NJTP) and no more “Lets go Yankees”?

The Jets need a new place to call home. A place to call their own. Who knows maybe even new uniforms and a new name. They could call themselves the Bronx Bombers and change their logo to the stealth fighter and make their uniforms black or maybe even camouflage. The “old” Yankee Stadium site would be perfect. Forget about midtown what a bad idea that was. Imagine showing up in the boogie down for some FOOTBALL! How awesome would that be? A new stadium complete with all the fan friendly amenities. The Weeb Ewbank Rotunda. The Emerson Boozer bar. The Gang Green Gridiron Grill. The Mark Gastineau Promenade. O’Brien’s Irish Pub where they only serve green beer. Vinny’s Pizza. Joe Namath Plaza. They could even put in a gay bar and call it the “Sac Exchange” HA!


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