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Say it Ain’t Joe!? A Farewell to Yankee Stadium?

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The Boinger

So they said farewell last night to Yankee Stadium. Some people could care less others in my opinion care a little too much. I could go on about feeling sentimental for concrete and steel but that is not what I am here for today. Yesterday was a farewell to “The Stadium” and all that came to pass there. A chance to look back and reflect on all the wonderful moments in its history and a chance for fans to not only show their appreciation but for the Yankees organization to thank its fans as well as stick out their chest a big and blow some hot air.

I just have one question:

Last night a Salute to the Stadium? A Proper SportsRoids Salute to Joe Torre

Last night a Salute to the Stadium? A Proper SportsRoids Salute to Joe Torre

Where was Joe Torre? I know he is in L.A. taking the Dodgers to the post season but where was Joe Torre? There was no Joe Torre in the video montage. No one even mentioned his name. How do you say goodbye to Yankee Stadium, recognize everyone that came from start to finish including all of Joe Torre’s players who won those 4 World Championships and all the celebrated managers that came before him and NOT MENTION HIM?

That is just terrible. I mean they dragged out a bunch of stiffs to represent every dead Yankee legend as well as spouses and children of deceased players. They had some of the oldest living Yankees in attendance and no Torre? Even Mattingly was missed if you blinked. That is a disgrace to me, one of Joe Torre’s biggest and toughest critics. The man gave the team everything he had. Opened his entire personal life up to the team and its fans. Ate slept and breathed NEW YORK for 12 seasons and that is how you say goodbye?

Ye 'ole Yankee Stadium

Ye 'ole Yankee Stadium. Majestic, but a Proper Farewell?

Identity fraud ala New York Jets

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Identity fraud

by The Boinger

Joe Namath

Joe Namath

What is the identity of the New York Jets? Answer: They have no identity. Not Joe Namath, not the sack exchange and not Fireman Ed. Not even the great Brett Favre is not going to fix nor change that. The Tuna couldn’t fix it and even Belichick saw the writing on the wall and bolted for New England. There is no long succession of great QB’s. There is no history of a strong run/pass oriented offensive/defensive juggernaut. It is just not there. The sack exchange? They have long since been forgotten. No one has stepped up to carry on that tradition. The front office has had one bad draft after another and continues to try pull the wool over the fans eyes with big NO NAME head coaches. They even tried to fool everyone into thinking that they were serious about moving back to NY. Them sharing a stadium with the Giants further entrenches them as the “second team” in this city. When Donald Trump has lunch with Bill Gates do they share a salad? NO! So why should the Jets be sharing a stadium with the Giants that is no where close to their fan base?

The New Meadowlands Stadium

The New Meadowlands Stadium

It gets harder and harder to even want to root for them anymore. If you are lucky enough to get tickets you still have to drive out to that hole in the swamp they call home. They need a major change. New ownership would be great. A new home IN NEW YORK would be even better. Perhaps they could find some empty space in the Bronx?

The New Bronx Bombers

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The New Bronx Bombers

by The Boinger

New York Jets

New York Jets

Imagine heading into the Bronx to watch the game. You get down to 161 and River, walk along the L and down through the gates. You peek out through the tunnel and see the field and the palyers and as you emerge from the belly of the cement cathedral your ear ear drum rumbles when you hear the crowd chant J – E – T – S JETS JETS JETS!!! Come on think about it. The New Bronx Bombers! A whole new stadium for gang green. No more crossing over the bridge (or two) no more sitting in traffic (on the NJTP) and no more “Lets go Yankees”?

The Jets need a new place to call home. A place to call their own. Who knows maybe even new uniforms and a new name. They could call themselves the Bronx Bombers and change their logo to the stealth fighter and make their uniforms black or maybe even camouflage. The “old” Yankee Stadium site would be perfect. Forget about midtown what a bad idea that was. Imagine showing up in the boogie down for some FOOTBALL! How awesome would that be? A new stadium complete with all the fan friendly amenities. The Weeb Ewbank Rotunda. The Emerson Boozer bar. The Gang Green Gridiron Grill. The Mark Gastineau Promenade. O’Brien’s Irish Pub where they only serve green beer. Vinny’s Pizza. Joe Namath Plaza. They could even put in a gay bar and call it the “Sac Exchange” HA!

The Mad’Nuff Monday Night Guarantee

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by Madison Mad’nuff

The Mad’Nuff Monday Night Football Guarantee

Well From now until the playoffs I will only be picking on game a week and that is Monday night Football and yes I have the point spread.  This pick is a guarantee and when I say guarantee I mean a guarantee that I am correct.  So this Monday night we have the  Jets vs the Chargers,  the Chargers are desperate after starting the season 0-2 while the Jets aren’t any worse for were at 1-1.  So my call for this Game

Chargers over the Jets 35-17 (Point Spread)

Mad'Nuff Picks Chargers over jets for Monday Night Football

Mad'Nuff picks Chargers in Monday Night Guarantee

Jet won’t be able to run the ball and the Chargers secondary have made their name picking off reckless throws, (and Brett is famous for those). Look for the chargers to get back on track with this game.
And that my friends is a Guarantee.